I hope you enjoy fellowship with older Saints

I loved something Vaughan Roberts said at Forum this year. He said “I hope you enjoy fellowship with older Christians. If you don’t, you’re missing out.”

They are full of wisdom, grace, humility, experience, maturity, and well worth tapping into for life’s big issues and over doctrine. Aside from that, they are usually fun to be around, and generous in the giving of time and giving of themselves in prayer. This is one of the reasons I feel privileged to be a part of All Saints here in Preston, it’s a diverse church in age range as well as in many other ways.

Of course, it’s quite counter-cultural to be a student and to befriend older people but I’m convinced it’s one of the great benefits of being in Christ Jesus. There’s a man called Brian at church, extremely wise in important matters of cricket, but also full of pearls of wisdom about the Christian life (he’s known Jesus for more than 60 years), and I’ve enjoyed listening to him over men’s breakfasts and the like.

One time last year Brian took 4 of us student boys to watch a game of cricket at Old Trafford (where he is a lifetime member of Lancashire County Cricket Club). His lovely wife Kath made us a picnic and we made our way to the ground expecting to watch a great day’s cricket. Unfortunately, we are talking about a part of England that rains bucket loads all year round so we didn’t manage to see a ball being bowled, but nonetheless Brian’s kind gesture did not go unnoticed by us and it was the beginning of a friendship.

There are many older men who I have not spoken to at All Saints, and it is my prayer that I will endeavour to do so in the coming days, weeks and months.


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